Big Suffolk skies, sunset and fireworks

A long, hot and windy day overlooking the Waterfront Celebrations.

Big skies,

Sky Waterfront

Eventually followed by a great sunset and the fireworks.Sunset  Fireworks 1 Fireworks 2

Then for some a slow exit from the car park.

Car Park


Hehir today gone tomorrow

I’ve been a tad croaky of late but I forced myself out to grab some shots of our docklands project with the last rays of sunshine on 31st December 2015.


It was hard to comprehend that three of us were up on the top of building to the left of the image for 12 hours during the second day of the Ipswich Maritime Festival in August.  There will not be a festival this year but at some point we will scale the heights again for some significant event or other as we add more images to the pot to edit from.

Is anyone else out there taking part in photoeast? We have asked for a slot but we await news on that front. Somehow I think the event is all topped and tailed. Whatever happens it ought to be a good blast for contemporary photography in Suffolk.

In the meantime keep alert and making images.

Reworking old work

The weather has been against me of late with all the best large format weather being sacrificed to painting our refurbished sash windows. That was a job I was not expecting to have to do this autumn but it is just as well that I got on as we have nothing but rain since.

I have been re-working some images as a result of new scans and here is one from Melton – it is in the Edgelands exhibition but I believe this is a far better image having re-scanned and re-processed it.


British Sugar at Sproughton never made it onto the wall but it was in my book.


One of my Docklands images has also had a makeover. I’m not sure I have this one right at present.


Revisiting work and re-working it after having published it is an interesting experience. I suppose it is not unlike my ethic of re-visiting locations time and time again to make the work in the first place, When will it end?

From the Archive

Hello, I thought it about time that I contributed some images to the group on the docklands project. I have selected four from my archive.

Cranes and Rigging is from May 2008  Cranes and Rigging

LT 472 is a bit later in Sept 2008  LT 472

Towering Above is a year on in August 2009  Towering Above

and Old Meets New is from Sept 2012   Old Meets New

Docklands – getting higher viewpoints

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend?

Peter Ellis and I met with a director of estates at UCS a few months ago to secure access to a high level vantage point from which to make new records of the wet dock. I have scripted both a Risk Assessment and Method Statement for us to qualify for access to their roof top.

Presently, it is only Peter and I on the list as we are the photographers who met and brokered the agreement with them. We did say that we would add others once we got the outline approval.

There is a physical impediment to last stage of ascent to the roof with a vertical galvanised ladder used for the last 14 feet. I’ll add additional photographers to the method statement that will have to be read and signed at our next meeting scheduled for 15th April. I will then send the signed copy to UCS.

Should anyone from the group not want to be granted access then please let either Peter or me know by Sunday 12th April at the latest so that I can prepare documents in advance.




It was impossibly bright this morning …..

After the mediocre light yesterday I was determined to find better conditions today. I was up and out by 0500 and even that was too late as I drove East into the grey gloom of dawn.

Luckily for me my vantage point faces North West so I managed to salvage something of the early start.

MSC Oscar before sunrise

This image was made at 05:54. Impossibly harsh shadows cast on the water from the construction cranes. These are more evident in the later images when the ambient light got brighter.

A stiffer than forecast 8 knot Nor westerly meant I had to use the 161 for stability. This image was made at ISO800 1.3s F13.